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Film Festival

May 18, 2014

Students should show up no later than 10:00 am on Thursday, 22 May, 2014. Looking foreward to seeing you there!



May 1, 2014

Today's class was the third week in a row in which attendance was less than 50%. For this reason anyone who misses class on May 8 will be docked an entire letter grade.

May 8 is our last class. Your projects are due on the 14th of May, before 4:00 pm.


Above the Line Responsibilities

April 24, 2014


  1. Work on the subtitles. Put your translation in a text file and break it into lines so that the editor may copy and paste it on the timeline. Watch this over and over, make sure that the English meaning synchronizes perfectly with the Thai. Make sure there are no misspellings or grammatical errors. Subtitles must be perfect.
  2. Get everything you have written for this class and give it to the producer of the piece.
    1. Use files from the entire class even if the work has changed.
    2. Include everything from shot lists to storyboards, etc.


  1. Finish the credits to your piece. Make sure everyone who worked on the piece is included, no matter how small their role. Make sure every name is spelled correctly including the use of capital letters. Don't forget the authoritative source, any sponsors or extras.
  2. Create a production package as a brochure or magazine article. Use NY Times, 10pt font. If you have two columns, justify your text, otherwise use left align. Take the file from the writer and put it in one file in chronological order. Edit and format it to perfection. You may put pictures in this document but keep them small. Use a magazine layout.
  3. It is your duty to get the work from the editor when it is done and bring it to the office before the deadline.
    May 14th at 16.00


  1. Make a public relations packet for your piece.
    1. Include the blurb, a one liner, a synopsis and still photos.
    2. Prepare to send your film to other film festivals.
  2. Prepare yourself to be the spokesperson and advertising agent for this work.


Editors are in an above the line position and therefore have creative control. They have the right to the final cut.

  1. If you want to put me in the credits you may list me as an Executive Producer or in the Special Thanks section only. Make sure you spell my name correctly: Sam Forkner
  2. Credits have a maximum time length of 20 seconds. Any title sequence should be less than 10 seconds. The length between the title sequence and credits is not to exceed 4 minutes and 30 seconds, without prior approval from me.
April 24, 2014


April 21, 2014

There is mandatory attendance for this Thursday's class. I will make important announcements about the responsibilities of the directors, producers and writers, as well as the final deadline to submit your piece and what format to output.

If you are an editor, sign up below to edit with me in class. Only editors may do this. Don't forget to bring all of your equipment. Points are given to groups who show their work in class.

Make sure you are signed in as yourself to post.

Please choose the film to show.

The Beauty of Harmony
Posted at 10:55 am, April 22nd by ไผ่หลิว

The Sound of Memory
Posted at 9:13 pm, April 22nd by ฝัน

The Outsider
Posted at 9:14 pm, April 22nd by Ploy

Posted at 9:19 pm, April 22nd by Ploy

The Blind Man
Posted at 8:27 pm, April 23rd by Zafirah

Trash Truancy
Posted at 8:42 pm, April 23rd by Guest

Trash Truancy
Posted at 8:43 pm, April 23rd by Yolp

Day Off
Posted at 9:26 pm, April 23rd by Vanda

Make Me Pretty Again
Posted at 9:30 pm, April 23rd by นก

We See Art, the Cops See Gangs
Posted at 9:31 pm, April 23rd by เอมมี่

One Wrong Path
Posted at 9:46 pm, April 23rd by sabrina

One Wrong Path
Posted at 9:46 pm, April 23rd by sabrina

Posted at 9:53 pm, April 23rd by แพ็ท

Beyond 18
Posted at 10:44 pm, April 23rd by NattT

The Legend of Mae Nak
Posted at 10:45 pm, April 23rd by Best

Smart Phone Addict
Posted at 10:52 pm, April 23rd by กันย์

The Long Lost Game
Posted at 11:13 pm, April 23rd by จ๊ะโอ๋

Sweet Way of Happiness
Posted at 11:29 pm, April 23rd by Mint

Heaven Dragon Museum
Posted at 12:38 am, April 24th by Jaa

Coffee Lovers
Posted at 3:39 am, April 24th by virgil

My Pretty Life
Posted at 3:40 am, April 24th by virgil

Even This Shit Is Free
Posted at 11:33 am, April 24th by Thanapon24


Happy Thai New Year!

April 10, 2014

I would like to thank everyone who presented their work in class today. I am quite impressed by the quality of your cinematography and editing. Great job!

May you all have good luck, riches and happiness in this upcomming year. Happy Songkran.

Here are some short non-fiction films I think you will like.
El Condicionado
Techniques: excellent producing, drone photography

True Facts About The Owl
Techniques: creative writing and voice over

a-z of dance
Techiniques: rhythmic montage and animated text

Big Screen

The Big Screen

April 4, 2014

Thursday's class will be in the theater. Groups may sign up to show their work on the big screen. The first one will show at 9:30. The second at 9:35 and so on. I will show the pieces in the order that they show up here. In the event of a no show, that group will be moved to the back of the list.

It is the producer's duty to manage their team for a successful showing. Extra points for the first to show!

Please choose the film to show.

If you wish to leave a comment at anytime, just use the link. (CONTACT ME). You may post as much as you want. Leave your email if you would like a response from me.

The Beauty of Harmony
Posted at 3:09 pm, April 5th by Kan

My Pretty Life
Posted at 3:27 pm, April 5th by virgil

Exit thru the Thrift Shop
Posted at 3:31 pm, April 5th by Kan

Medical Marijuana
Posted at 4:37 pm, April 5th by Namwann

The Sound of Memory
Posted at 5:09 pm, April 5th by เมล่า

Posted at 5:09 pm, April 5th by เมล่า

Make Me Pretty Again
Posted at 5:14 pm, April 5th by BuildVarutpun

We See Art, the Cops See Gangs
Posted at 9:35 am, April 6th by geng

Medical Marijuana
Posted at 7:30 pm, April 6th by Earn

Posted at 10:02 pm, April 6th by แวว

Coffee Lovers
Posted at 10:13 am, April 8th by thaniya

Heaven Dragon Museum
Posted at 12:28 pm, April 8th by เมย์

Welcome to Deadman Wonderland
Posted at 12:28 pm, April 8th by เมย์

The Blind Man
Posted at 2:49 pm, April 8th by janeheejae

The Blind Man
Posted at 6:18 pm, April 8th by Zafirah

Blind Boxing
Posted at 11:42 am, April 9th by อ้าย

Trash Truancy
Posted at 6:52 pm, April 9th by เอมมี่

Make Me Pretty Again
Posted at 8:43 am, April 10th by Guest

I am in the Park
Posted at 9:42 am, April 10th by Beam

The Legend of Mae Nak
Posted at 10:30 am, April 10th by Bomb

A Day with the Protesters
Posted at 3:09 pm, April 10th by แซม

A Day with the Protesters
Posted at 1:33 am, April 18th by แซม

Individual Assignment

Individual Assignment

April 2, 2014

Make sure you are signed in as yourself, then complete the form which follows. Make an entry for each film you are working on. If you have an above the line and a below the line position on the same film, only make an entry for your above the line position.

Are you signed in as yourself?       Signed in check

Sign Up

Sign Up

March 16, 2014

Any groups who have some footage already, may show it in class on Thursday for help editing and extra credit. It should be only the Editor or Producer who show the piece. Please don't register for this if you are not in one of these positions. Group members who come to class will get the extra credit!

Please don't bring just raw footage. Have the footage put on the timeline in your video editor. Then put the clips together in order.

Make sure to bring all necessary cables to connect your laptop to the projecter in the front of the classroom. MACs will need the white adaptor (the Thunderbolt connection to an RGB port). If your group is having technical problems, bring your equipment and we will fix it together.

  • Type your nickname, position and ID. Then enter the title of your film.
12:00 am, March 17th
Vanda, Editor, 0811
Nowhere for Cycling No show

11:20 am, March 18th
โอ, Codirect, 0092
Heaven Dragon (One day escape) No show

11:20 am, March 18th
โอ, Writer, 0092
Welcome to Deadman Wonderland Shown!

9:06 pm, March 19th
กันย์, Editor, 0100
Smart Phone Addict Shown!

9:07 pm, March 19th
กันย์, Position, ID
Film Title

10:28 pm, March 19th
Mint, Editor, 0274
Sweet Way of Happiness No show

11:59 pm, March 19th
virgil, editor, 0738
My Pretty Life No Show

9:42 am, March 20th
Nature, Producer, 0324
Nowhere for Cycling No Show

9:44 am, March 20th
Jaa, Editor, 0407
Heaven Dragon (one day escape) No Show


March 5, 2014

Tomorrow's class meets in the Theater at 9:00 am sharp. Don't forget to bring your shot-lists. It is an individual assignment.

Click the button below to recieve an additional three points.
The deadline is midnight tonight.

Working Titles

Working Titles

February 24, 2014

  • You must be signed in as yourself to successfully post.
    Please check your spelling and punctuation before posting.
  • Enter your nickname and ID number
  • Film Title

  • Please enter the working title of your film.
  • Summarize the content of your film in one hundred words or less.
    (Extra points awarded for excellent writing.)
  • Name each location where you will shoot.
  • Above the line positions

    Name each team member by nickname and ID number.
    (Use the exact name and number from the Registration list on this website.)
  • Writer
  • Director
  • Producer
  • If your team does not yet have an editor, leave this field blank.
  • Editor
  • Below the line positions

  • Write the Nickname, ID number and position of each member.

Student Information

Professional Preferences

February 18, 2014

NicknameStudent IDAbove the line preferenceBelow the line preferences
Alina0340NoneSound team
Alina0340WriterSound team
Arissa0852ProducerSound team
Arissa0852ProducerLocation manager
Arissa0852ProducerProduction assistant
Beam0241DirectorCamera operator
Beam0241DirectorSound team
Best0282EditorSound team
Best0282NoneSound team
Best0282NoneProduction assistant
Bomb0258DirectorCamera operator
Bomb0258DirectorProduction assistant
BuildVarutpun0365ProducerAssitant camera
BuildVarutpun0365ProducerLocation manager
BuildVarutpun0365ProducerProduction assistant
BuildVarutpun0365ProducerMake-up and wardrobe
Earn0712ProducerCamera operator
Earn0712ProducerAssitant camera
Earn0712ProducerLighting director
Earn0712ProducerProduction assistant
geng0571DirectorAssitant camera
geng0571DirectorSound team
geng0571DirectorProduction assistant
guest0000EditorProduction assistant
guest0000EditorProduction assistant
guest0000EditorProduction assistant
guest0000WriterCamera operator
guest0000WriterAssitant camera
guest0000WriterLighting director
guest0000WriterMake-up and wardrobe
Icing0209ProducerAssitant camera
Icing0209ProducerLocation manager
Icing0209ProducerMake-up and wardrobe
Jaa0407EditorCamera operator
Jaa0407EditorProduction assistant
Jaa0407NoneMake-up and wardrobe
Jaa0407ProducerCamera operator
Jaa0407ProducerAssitant camera
Jaa0407ProducerProduction assistant
Jae0589WriterLocation manager
Jae0589WriterLine producer
Jae0589WriterMake-up and wardrobe
Jan0522DirectorLocation manager
Jan0522DirectorMake-up and wardrobe
Jane0399EditorSound team
Jane0399EditorProduction assistant
janeheejae0399EditorSound team
janeheejae0399EditorProduction assistant
Kan0530ProducerLocation manager
Kan0530ProducerProduction assistant
Kidd0894DirectorLine producer
Kidd0894DirectorProduction assistant
Kukku0720WriterLighting director
Kukku0720WriterMake-up and wardrobe
Kwang0027ProducerCamera operator
Kwang0027ProducerAssitant camera
Kwang0027ProducerLighting director
Kwang0027ProducerProduction assistant
Kwang0027ProducerCamera operator
Kwang0027ProducerAssitant camera
Kwang0027ProducerLighting director
Kwang0027ProducerLocation manager
Kwang0027ProducerProduction assistant
Mile0787DirectorSound team
Mile0787DirectorLocation manager
Mile0787DirectorSound team
Mile0787DirectorLocation manager
Mile0787DirectorSound team
Mile0787DirectorLocation manager
Mile0787DirectorProduction assistant
mindtawida0019DirectorLine producer
mindtawida0019DirectorProduction assistant
Mint0274ProducerCamera operator
Mint0274ProducerAssitant camera
Mint0274ProducerMake-up and wardrobe
Namwann0688DirectorProduction assistant
Namwann0688DirectorMake-up and wardrobe
nanp0043WriterLocation manager
nanp0043WriterProduction assistant
Napis0431ProducerCamera operator
NattT0126DirectorCamera operator
NattT0126DirectorAssitant camera
NattT0126DirectorProduction assistant
Nature0324ProducerCamera operator
Nature0324ProducerAssitant camera
Nature0324ProducerMake-up and wardrobe
Nitvaree0183ProducerSound team
pailew0449DirectorCamera operator
pailew0449DirectorProduction assistant
papuean0613WriterLighting director
pattv0159WriterAssitant camera
pattv0159WriterSound team
pattv0159WriterProduction assistant
pattv0159WriterMake-up and wardrobe
Pharada0381DirectorCamera operator
Pharada0381DirectorCamera operator
Pharada0381DirectorAssitant camera
Pharada0381DirectorSound team
Piyamon0779WriterAssitant camera
Piyamon0779WriterLighting director
Piyamon0779WriterMake-up and wardrobe
Ploy0803ProducerLocation manager
Ploy0803ProducerProduction assistant
Ploy0803ProducerAssitant camera
Ploy0803ProducerSound team
Pookie0456WriterLocation manager
Pookie0456WriterLine producer
Pookie0456WriterProduction assistant
sabrina0167EditorMake-up and wardrobe
TAE0662NoneLocation manager
Thanapon240357EditorCamera operator
Thanapon240357EditorSound team
Tongky0290EditorSound team
Tongky0290EditorLighting director
Vanda0811EditorCamera operator
Vanda0811EditorAssitant camera
Vanda0811EditorSound team
virgil0738EditorCamera operator
Waan0316ProducerSound team
Zafirah0233DirectorMake-up and wardrobe
Zafirah0233DirectorLighting director
Zafirah0233DirectorLocation manager
กันย์0100DirectorCamera operator
กันย์0100DirectorSound team
กันย์0100DirectorMake-up and wardrobe
นก0829EditorLocation manager
นก0829EditorProduction assistant
นก0829EditorAssitant camera
บิ๊งค์0134DirectorMake-up and wardrobe
บิ๊งค์0134ProducerSound team
ฝัน0639EditorCamera operator
ฝัน0639EditorMake-up and wardrobe
มาย0308ProducerSound team
มาย0308ProducerSound team
มาย0308ProducerLighting director
สมายด์0902DirectorLine producer
สมายด์0902DirectorMake-up and wardrobe
ส้ม0084DirectorMake-up and wardrobe
ส้ม0084DirectorAssitant camera
ส้ม0084DirectorLocation manager
หวาน0316ProducerSound team
หวาน0316ProducerLocation manager
หวาน0316ProducerProduction assistant
อ้าย0555ProducerLighting director
อ้าย0555EditorProduction assistant
เกษ0464EditorSound team
เกษ0464EditorProduction assistant
เกษ0464EditorMake-up and wardrobe
เมย์0415ProducerCamera operator
เมย์0415ProducerLocation manager
เมย์0415ProducerMake-up and wardrobe
เมล่า0621ProducerSound team
เมล่า0621ProducerProduction assistant
เมล่า0621ProducerLighting director
เมล่า0621ProducerLocation manager
เหมี้ยว0878EditorProduction assistant
เอมมี่0514EditorAssitant camera
เอมมี่0514EditorProduction assistant
เอมมี่0514DirectorAssitant camera
เอมมี่0514DirectorSound team
เอมมี่0514DirectorProduction assistant
แนท0548DirectorMake-up and wardrobe
แพ็ท0837EditorSound team
แมนจู0696ProducerSound team
แมนจู0696ProducerLine producer
แวว0076WriterLighting director
แวว0076WriterMake-up and wardrobe
แอ้ม0761DirectorCamera operator
แอ้ม0761DirectorLocation manager
แอ้ม0761DirectorMake-up and wardrobe
โอ0092DirectorSound team
โอ0092DirectorProduction assistant
โอ0092NoneAssitant camera
โอ0092DirectorAssitant camera
โอ0092DirectorSound team
โอ0092DirectorProduction assistant
ไผ่หลิว0449DirectorCamera operator
ไผ่หลิว0449DirectorLighting director
ไผ่หลิว0449DirectorProduction assistant
ไผ่หลิว0449DirectorMake-up and wardrobe

Above the Line

Above the line positions

February 13, 2014

Here is some information about what is required for each position:

The director is responsible for the visual (and auditory) interpretation of the story. The look and feel of the film, the choice of camera angles, asking interview questions or creating shot-lists and supervising the production are some examples of what this job-title implies.

The producer is probably the most important job for this class. The producer manages all of pre-production, production and post-production to ensure a successful project. A good producer is a friendly people-person with excellent phone skills. Getting permissions, location surveys, transportation, acquiring equipment and negotiations are all part of this job.

The writer has duties in the production phase, such as rewriting and rethinking the telling of the story based off of the multitude of unforseen events that will take place. The writer keeps the ideas and abstract concepts true to form. The writer must write all voice overs, interview questions, help with the shot-lists, storyboards, still photography and anything else which needs to be documented. It is a lot of work, but very rewarding.

During post-production, the writer helps with the editing as well as writing all promotional materials for the film such as body-text for posters, descriptions of the film, promotional materials. During the final phase, the writer will be incharge of all public relations needs (including the website for this class).

The editor works with all three positions to craft the film which they desire. Many times the editor has the final say in how a film looks, the soundtrack that is used, and all of the aesthetic concerns. Because of the importance of this position, it is considered above the line for the purposes of this class.



mindtawida0019ธาวิดา ชูเกียรติวัฒนากุลTawida Chukeatwattanakul
Kwang0027จิราพร คูหากาญจน์Jiraporn Kuhakan
nanp0043ศิรินุช พุทธเกษรSirinuch Phutthakesorn
แวว0076นิธิกานต์ ลดาเสถียรNitikarn Ladasathean
ส้ม0084คณัสวรรณ อัศวจงรักKanasawan Asavachongruk
โอ0092ธนิยะ จินดาวัฒนกุลThaniya Jindawattanakul
กันย์0100เพ็ญสกาว สกุลคูPensagow Sakulkoo
NattT0126นันทนัท ทองน้ำตะโกNuntanut Tongnumtago
บิ๊งค์0134ศุจิภา ประสิทธิ์ชัยฤทธิ์Sujipa Prasitchairit
ปั๊ม0142สุรยุทธ์ เหลืองสุวิมลSurayuth Luangsuvimol
pattv0159วรรณรดา วิชัยธนารักษ์Wanrada Vichaithanaruks
sabrina0167สิริภา สัจจเดชะSiribha (Sabrina) Sachdecha
Press0175เพรส สุขถาวรPress Sukthavorn
Nitvaree0183Nitvaree NarulaNitvaree Narula
Icing0209โสภิสา พงศ์ฐิติเทพSopisa Phongthitithep
Nan0217สวรรยา งามประเสริฐชัยSawanya Ngamprasertchai
Top0225ระวี พิริยะพงศ์ศํกดิ์Rawee Piriyapongsak
Zafirah0233กนกรุ้ง ภูสีเขียวKanokrung Poosikiao
Beam0241ไรวินท์ หลิวสกุลRaiwin Lewsakul
Bomb0258คณิศร องค์ทวีทรัพย์Kanidsorn Ongthaveesub
Mint0274ศิรดา ศิริจินดาพันธ์Mint Sirada
Best0282เขษมพงศ์ พลเดชKasempong Paladesh
Tongky0290นวัต แก้วนพรัตน์Nawat Kaewnopratana
มาย0308นันทนัช ชิ้นแสงชัยNuntanut Chinsaengchai
หวาน0316พรธิดา เอกอัครPornthida Eagark
Nature0324รมิตา กลัดเพ็ชร์ramita kladpetch
Alina0340อลีนา สัจจเดว์Alina Sachdev
Thanapon240357ธนพล สุสมบูรณ์Thanapon Susomboon
BuildVarutpun0365วรัทพันธ์ โพธิ์ธนสารVarutpun Photanasarn
Gla0373ชัชชาย หลีค้าChatchai Leeka
Pharada0381ภาราดา จารุโชติรัตนสกุลPharada Jaruchotrattanaskul
janeheejae0399Heejae HyunHeejae Hyun
Jaa0407ณัฐยา กุลประฑีปัญญาNatthaya Kulprathipanya
เมย์0415ศศิวิภา บุญรอดSasivipa Boonrod
Ellie0423Ellyshia singhEllyshia singh
Morn-Eng0431ณพิศ บุญงามNapis Boonngam
ไผ่หลิว0449อาภานุช สังวริบุตรArparnuch Sungvaribudh
Pookie0456ภิญญลักษณ์ ลักษณวิสิษฐ์Pinyalak Laksanawisit
เกษ0464เกษแก้ว ทวีสมบัติKatekaew Taveesombut
Yolp0472สุวิมล เตชะกัญญาSuwimon Techagunya
แก้ม0498วีรวรรณ มุ่งเจริญพรWeerawan Mungcharoenporn
เอมมี่0514วรางค์ทิพย์ สิงหการWarangtip Singhakarn
Jan0522ชนกนันท์ ปลอดภัยChanoknant plodphai
Kan0530ศุภกานต์ ธนรัตนานนท์Supakan Tanaradtananon
แนท0548กุลธิดา ดั่นคุ้มKuntida Dankhum
อ้าย0555มณีชญา สาระสุขManeechaya Sarasuk
geng0571ศรุตา เชาวน์ชวานิลsaruta chaochavanil
Jae0589กนกนันท์ พันธุ์กระวีKanoknanda Bhandhukravi
Phu0605ภูธร ขันทองPhuthorn Khanthong
papuean0613ชุติมณฑน์ สกุลไทยChutimon Skulthai
เมล่า0621สลิลรัตน์ ศรีอมรSalinrat Sriamorn
ฝัน0639ภาฝัน เสถียรสุตPafun Sthirasuta
topp0647ธนายุต เยื่องศรีกุลTanayut Yuengsrigul
TAE0662สุรัตน์ จรัสรุ่งโรจน์Surat Jaratrungrot
Namwann0688นถสร บุญญสิริNapasorn Boonyasiri
Manju0696พชรวรรณ ปัทมานันท์Pacharawan Pathmanand
Earn0712พลภัทร นันทมานพPonlapat Nanthamanop
Kukku0720ปาณิศา เลิศพิมลชัยPanisa Lertpimonchai
virgil0738ญานเดช ทองรัตน์แก้วYannadet Tongratanakeaw
แอ้ม0761อริยา ปลื้มปัญญาAriya Pleumpunya
Piyamon0779ปิยมน พรหมเนรมิตPiyamon Phomnayramit
Mile0787ภาคภูมิ ร่มไทรทองPhakphum Romsaithong
Ploy0803พลอยพชร ฉันท์เศรษฐ์Ploypachara Chansate
Vanda0811คณัสวรรณ ภู่วัฒนาดิลกกูรKhanatsawan Phoowattanadilokkoon
นก0829ปรียารินท์ ตั้งพุทธิอนันท์Preeyarin Tangputthianan
แพ็ท0837ตรีรัตน์ ยุววาณิชชากรTrirat Yuwawanitcharkorn
Arissa0852อริสสา สชิวิลเลอร์Arissa Scheiwiller
ladybeexx0860ชมพูนุช ชื่นชมChompoonut Chuenchom
meo0878ศันสนีย์ อินตาพวงsansanee Intapuang
จ๊ะโอ๋0886ภัทราภรณ์ ฟองพิกุลPattraporn Fongphikun
Kidd0894พลวัต โพธิ์เพิ่มเหมPonlawat Popermhem
สมายด์0902พัชร์ศศิ ธาตวากรPatsasi Tatvakorn
toey8954สิทธิโชค นิลพงษ์Sitthichoke Nilpong
แซม9999แซมมูล ฟอร์คเนอร์Samuel Forkner